How Can You Win Your Way Into The Job? Essay

1335 Words Dec 9th, 2015 null Page
How to Win Your Way into the Job! Job interviews would have to be the most nerve racking experience to go through, however it’s something many of us will have to face at some point in life if you ever consider getting a job. In my years of high school instructors would advise us and prepare my classmates and I to be ready for a job interview and get an understanding of the do’s and don’t for a job interview. This included having to attend school well professionally dressed and actually being interviewed. In an essay written by Glenda Davis titled “How to Do Well on a Job Interview”, I came to a complete understanding about how her advice given for a job interview is all useful and can really benefit the readers. Davis identifies a job interview as a “Game” (Davis 250) which I believe it was an excellent example in which it also gives readers an idea of how competitive it can be. Many parts of her advice I have done myself, which has landed me a job. Aside from Davis’s perspective, there are some key point that Davis may have missed and could have stated in her essay, such as researching the company he or she is applying to, this allows the interview to view the applicant as someone who is very interested in the company and has taken time to learn more about it. In a job interview the simplest things tend to matter, this can either land you the win or the loose on that job you want. In the end it’s important for the readers to know how to get your professional appearance…

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