How Can You Save Your Money? Essays

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Throughout grade school it was drilled into us the importance in learning how to save and the need to create a budget to assure one’s future. Like, most teenagers we discarded the idea of needing a budget and spent as much as possible on unnecessary luxuries. They say knowledge is power, so that means that budgeting can help assist in creating that knowledge. When your able to create a true budget, you are able to force yourself to see what your expenses are. Creating a budget line allows one to be accountable when it comes to spending. When you are initially creating your budget line you can decide ahead of time where and how much money will be spent in each category of the budget line. This can save you from going into extreme debt.
I started budgeting about three years ago and it still surprises me how much money is spent monthly on items that I believe are necessary to survive in this day in age. The key in accurately budgeting is knowing where your money is going to. This is not the place where you can fudge the numbers to make it look better. The biggest one expense is the money that is placed into my retirement fund. This might hurt me now but I know at the end it will be my savior when I’m older. This retirement fund can be difference between me eating a meal in the comfort of my home or starving on the streets. I spend only about twenty-five dollars a month on garbage services which makes it the smallest expense I had during the month. This is necessary because I…

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