How Can You Manage Classroom Discussions? Essay

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12. How will you manage classroom discussions?

In order to facilitate discussions in the classroom, I will have a procedure that includes craft sticks that have the students ' names on them. This discussion procedure ensures that all students have an equal opportunity to participate and share their responses in class. The randomness of drawing a student’s name using the craft Sticks method also helps with classroom management by keeping students engaged because they might be called on to participate.

13, How will you manage students working in groups?

Prior to assigning students into groups, I must determined how they will be grouped, where they will work, how they will work together, and how do I transition them to end their work and bring them back together as a class. After I have determined the answers to the above questions, I can establish a set of procedures for the class. While they are working in groups, they will be expected to be responsible for their own work and behavior. They must check with each other if they have any questions and if the group as a whole needs help they will ask the teacher. I will display a timer on the Smart board so that the groups are aware of the time they have during their activity.

14. How will you deal with unfinished class assignments?

The procedure for unfinished class assignments will consist of a "Work in Progress" folder that will be placed in a designated area in the classroom. Assignments that will not be completed as…

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