How Can You Make Your Moral Values? Essay

1446 Words Dec 8th, 2015 null Page
Ethic can be described as the difficult decision you make based on your moral values. And morals are a set of rules you set for yourself to depict on what’s right or wrong. However, everyone has their own mindset and what could be equable to you can be immoral to another person. So do you think it’s right for a person’s picture to get Photoshop without their permission? I know from experience that editing a picture can be funny because I use to Photoshop pictures all the time during my high school years. However, a lot of people were offended and I almost got into serious trouble one day. So I learned a valuable lesson which was, you shouldn’t make fun of someone to please others. That’s why I’m against manipulating photos because it’s not real, it can hurt peoples’ feelings and you can get into serious trouble depending on the situation.
To start, Photoshop is when you edit an original picture so that it can humor others. Most times people pictures get alter for publicity purposes and it’s hard to determine on what’s real or fake. For instance, people often edit pictures of celebrities to make them look bad and post them online portraying that they are real. Then photographers often edit picture of models to make them look desirable. However, when little kids look at magazines and see how perfect the models bodies are. They try to imitate what they see and most times they end up hurting themselves. For instance, dietary restraint on food consumption and growing up too fast.…

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