Essay on How Can You Live Your Own Lives?

799 Words Jan 13th, 2016 4 Pages
There is a place where everything is possible, where the wildest dream dwelt, and where all desires begin. This place of limitless potential resides closer than a lot of people thinks, but at times, we get totally blinded by the fast pace of a crazy world full of advice about how to live our own lives. If we consciously or unconsciously decided to follow this hectic rhythm of life, we may ending losing our capacity to find this wonderful place.
Even though we may lose our way to this paradise at times, there is always a way back to this idyllic place. Sometimes it can be difficult to accomplish this journey, but it doesn’t matter how hard the path can get, there is always a worthy reward at the final line.
You are probably asking yourself “What is the guy talking about?” or “Where is the place he is referring to?” And you most likely will be amused or even confused to know I am talking about yourself. Not your “normal-self” but your “real-self”. I am talking about the one that can think by himself and is not locked-in by his own or -even worst- other’s paradigms, the one that can express his ideas freely and openly without the fear of being judged by other people, the one who is not afraid to yell “NO!” when all the people around are mumbling a cold “yes” of resignation, the one who is willing to stand and go against of the “status quo”, the one that has always been with you but you have rarely noticed before, the one who has been crying silently inside you for a long time…

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