How Can You Earn Money With Blogging? Essay

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How To Earn Money With Blogging
With fast internet connection and ever improving technology, can start a blog with no technical or computer skills. You can turn you hobby to a business and make money sharing your passions online. This article will look at the basic step on how to make money blogging.
Starting a blog
Before you can make money online, you will need to build your own blog. If you already have a blog, you are one step ahead, if you have not yet established your home base, no worries. There are many free platforms where you can build your first website with no technical knowledge. All you need is to sign up and following simple steps and your website will be built.
One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress. WordPress is an open source tool for creating websites and the most popular and powerful content management system and blogging platform. You can create you free blog with and get hundreds of free, mobile friendly and customizable themes and design. For only $18 per annum, you can get your own domain names a custom site address, more themes and email support. WordPress is also the number one choice for webhosting, and thus a good place to start since you will need hosting services in the future as your visitors increase.
Choosing a niche
A niche in blogging simply means your target audience. If you have an interest, a hobby, or a passion, that will be your niche. Otherwise, you can address a need or a want. You need not worry…

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