Essay How Can Writing Be Implemented Into Agriculture Classes

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Being an effective writer, in education in the 21st century, is important to the workforce in any field. Writing instruction is key in any content knowledge area. The literature in this review explains how to create knowledge in agriculture, through writing, as well as how to augment critical thinking. The study was completed by the authors in three phases: (1) a qualitative review and evaluation of writing theories and conceptual models using the pragmatic and methodical theory evaluation criteria, (2) semi structured interviews, focus groups and Q-sorts, and (3) the creation of a conceptual model to augment critical thinking and create knowledge through writing in agriculture (Leggette, Rutherford, Dunsford, 2015). This paper will address the question of: How can writing be implemented into agriculture classes, in order for students to be successful at writing, and in the workforce ?
Effective writing has become more essential in developing a good workforce, even in the agriculture fields. By using writing in agriculture classes, it can help students think critically, gather and comprehend information and gain content knowledge (Leggette,,2015 ) Having effective instruction of writing is essentail to developing a competent and diverse workforce in agriculture. "Writing instruction in the agricultural social sciences is effective if the writing process is supported by students ' confidence, cognitive processes, and content knowledge" (Leggette,…

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