How Can We Define The Love? Essay

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How can we define the love? What does love really mean? Is the meaning of love same for everyone? Is it just physical attraction? Is it an intellectual connection? Love is one of the beautiful emotions in human life. We can define the love as a several sentences because the type of love is different. For example, we can feel the love from family, friends, and fiancé. Love is such a beautiful feeling that cannot be enough to be verbalized. Billy Joel suggests that “But I know that I can 't live without her anyway" ("She’s Got A Way” 3). John Boyle O’Reilly, on the other hand, tells us that “And the white rose is a dove “(“The White Rose” 4). Over the centuries, many poems have illustrated what is true love no matter who is the lover, where the place is, and what happened in the love, and there are three unique poets that illustrate the true love by Billy Joel and John Boyle O’Reilly. In Billy Joel’s poem, She’s Got A Way, there are lots of expression to indicate pathos. The author uses the pathos to give the reader much sympathy. This poem is about unconditional love and it is very similar to the term Agape. He doesn’t care anything in the face of love to her. There are lots of evidences that he use pathos. To be specific, “But I know that I can’t live without her” (3) this is the symbolic pathos of his poem. This sentence shows that she is the main motivation and power of his life and without her he cannot be happy even can’t live. His love for her is equal to his whole…

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