How Can We Affect Our Life? Essay

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Sometimes making a choice is very difficult. Every decision that we have made can affect our life in either a positive way, or become our biggest mistake that we will regret. People around us can be affected by our decisions too. This explains why most of us are longing for scientists to create a time machine even though it is impossible to happen in real life. If a time machine really existed, many people would invest their money into it. Imagine a time machine that can do everything. It can bring us back to a certain point of life, so we can fix what happened and or it takes us to the future to see the effect of our choice in our life. With the help of the machine everything in our life will turn out like what we want it to be. However, even if the machine exists, people still make mistakes. Many times people learn from their mistakes. As a typical human being, I also have made a decision that I still regret today. I decided to leave my best friend because I wanted to focus on my study. Now she is gone and I cannot stop thinking about her and my fault towards her. Her death makes me feel like I will be living in guilt for the rest of my life.

Her name was Maria. I met her when we were six years old. She was my classmate since my first grade in elementary school. At first we were not very close, even though she was sitting beside me in the class. She was very lonely, but I did not try to approach her because I did not think she wants to be friend with me. She…

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