How Can Wander Live Their Life? Essay

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There are many things in someone’s life that helps a person define themselves, many experiences and encounters help to shape the person they end up becoming later in life. It’s funny how one can aimlessly live their life without knowing who they really are. If you ask someone the question “who are you” or “what defines you” chances are the person won’t have an answer right of the top of their heads. Most people might not know who they really are until a major event occurs in their life. The way that a specific person deals with that event is what truly defines someone.
July 21, 1999 in a small hospital in Gilroy, my life began. When I was a little boy I was always a happy child. I never liked being sad. If I was sad or mad I would always try to mask the emotions with a smile. Everyone always saw me as the little happy, hyperactive boy which I was. Whenever anything would bother me I would always hide the way I really felt. I really don’t know where this impulsion to never let anyone see me sad or upset came from. I also hated seeing other people sad or upset. It didn’t matter who they were or what they did, I just felt like everyone should always be happy and smiling. So I would always do my best to try and cheer people up who were sad. I feel this is what unconsciously drove me to only let people see me when I was happy. I always just only saw the good things in life. But as I later learned in life it’s not always easy to just put a smile on your face to hide your true…

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