How Can Technology Help Mental Health Professionals Essay

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Counseling and Technology- A meeting of the minds

With technology constantly evolving and the counseling world in such high demands it is important for providers to have a clear understanding of the rules and regulation that complement technology. More clients are becoming more comfortable with the internet and all of its accessabilities, like communicating with mental health providers. Providers see social media as a positive outlook for the potential of good marketing and by the accessibility of reaching new clients. The internet is proving to be both effective and profitable when managed the correct way. I think it is empowering to know for therapist that they can grow their business and provide excellent care, while still regulating through ethical and HIPAA guidelines. How can clients use technology to find a mental health professional? How can technology help mental health clinicians improve their practices and the client experience?

Our presenter, Rob Reinhardt, shared his expertise in technology and counselling and how combining the two can produce more clients while still providing excellent services. He also discusses letting technology do the simple work, instead of wasting your own time.

The presenter states that clients are always looking online for therapist and wanting to read the review. Partially because clients may be too embarrassed to ask a friend for a referral, or don’t want anyone knowing about their issues. Before a client can decide on a…

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