How Can Sports Competition Affect People? Essay

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How Can Sports Competition Affect People?

Competition is the basis of life. It has been with humanity possibly since the beginning of humans. Competition can improve life or make it worse. Sports competition can change an individual 's life. While competition may have some positive effects, there are also some negative impacts as well. These effects can show physically. Sports competition can affect people physically. It can change people’s bodies to do a specific task. Physically, competition can very much benefit an individual as well as negatively impact said person. These benefits and downfalls can also have an impact years later. The physical benefits of competition are many and great.
Many like the activities and movements behind competitive sports. In many ways these activities and movements can help benefit a person’s well being. For example running long distance can improve a person’s stamina, or losing at something can push a person to become physically better at a task so they can do better next time. Pushing the limits of one’s body can help improve it, but it can also lead to consequences.
There are negative physical impacts that can come along with sports competition. These negative impacts are the risks that competitors take. For example breaking a leg during basketball, or getting sports induced asthma. These negative impacts can have so much of an impact that it can ruin the sports career of the athlete. Whether physical impacts are good or bad they will…

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