How Can People Make Such A Cruel Transition? Essay

1939 Words Nov 30th, 2015 null Page
Those who open attack on several innocent people are often questioned on their motive for the occasion. For instance, everyone remembers the Sandy Hook shootings, but the motive was not completely clear. This event in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, was a such a gruesome thing to learn about. Adam Lanza, the killer, shot his own mother and then continued his shooting spree to at Sandy Hook Elementary School. News reports have noted that Adam Lanza was fascinated or “obsessed” with mass murderers (Payne, 2013). In Colorado, James Holmes mirrored such an abhorrent event. One by one, neighbors, teachers, coaches, classmates and teammates are stepping up to a witness stand to share their memories of a "perfect kid" (O’Neill, 2015). As Holmes grew up, he was seen as such a sweet child. How can people make such a cruel transition? A more simplified answer to this question is the idea of self-control. However Lanza and Holmes were tried for mental illness to save their lives, the absence of self-control was still present. The subject of self-control is extremely intriguing; as I grew up I can always remember being told to, “control yourself” in sports, at home, and school; it was everywhere being told to get control of what you are doing. If people were so easy to shout out, “control yourself,” then one would think it would be somewhat easy to actually achieve it, right? Wrong. I am studying athletic training, now exercise science, but controlling your body is in every aspect of…

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