How Can Open An Offshore Bank Account Of The Uae? Essay

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How To Open An Offshore Bank Account In The UAE

Do you need to visit the United Arab Emirates or live there to open an account? The short answer is yes, and the long answer is no with a but. It is far easier to set up an account if you live there or are visiting, but getting an appointment may be tricky, so book before you visit the country and ask them what you will need to qualify for an account. It is also easier to set up an account without visiting if you are using an international bank and you already have an account with them.

What Information Will You Need?

If you are live in another country and you are looking for an account in the United Arab Emirates, then you will need to verify your personal information. This means you need your passport or driver’s license. You will need confirmation of your living address, which is usually things such as your utility bill, renter’s agreement, and a letter from your bank. You may be able to prove your current address using your credit rating, and if you get a letter of recommendation from your bank, then they may include your current address too.

If you are sending copies of your documents, you will need to have them notarized to help guarantee their authenticity. You may need to visit a government office to get an authorized stamp that the UAE bank will accept.

If you are from the US, you will also need to prove your income and any of the wealth you wish to deposit into the UAE account. For example, if you have sold a…

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