How Can Market Your Tourism Business? Essays

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How To Market Your Tourism Business
Chosen Tourism Business Is Hobbiton

Section One:
Know Your Target Market

It is important for Hobbiton to know their customers so they can adapt to their needs and better their company for their clients and the growing industry.

The primary market for Hobbiton includes international visitors from Australia, china, UK and USA. Hobbiton know their main target market is international visitors as only 10% of their visitors are domestic. Hobbiton movie set tours caters for a large target market, it includes people who have a love for the movies and books but surprisingly 1/3 of people visiting Hobbiton have never seen the movies or watched the books. This is a good thing for Hobbiton as it clearly shows they can address any target market.

Hobbitons main aim is to try and attract international visitors to visit their tourism product and bring them into the area. The demographic includes special interest, incentive trips and people who are choosing to travel without young children.

Below I have a graph based on the Rotorua region as Rotorua is roughly an hour and a half away from where Hobbiton is located. It has large amounts of tourist’s attractions in itself and is a popular area for tourists to stay and make a day trip to Hobbiton to then return to their accommodation in Rotorua. In this table it shows the visitors origin, visitor’s expenditure, total visitors, day visitors, overnight visitors and their length of stay. By this…

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