How Can I Become A Better Student? Essay

785 Words Feb 11th, 2016 4 Pages
How can I become a better student in American college?
Since I came to America and studied at Arizona State University, it’s already have been posted for 6 months. But I still have lots of things that confused me during the class. I don’t know how to be a nice study because I don’t know how to follow my professor sometimes on the class, and I feel really hard to ask some questions or answer some question to my professors. As we know, if a student always keep thinking during the class time, this student should have lots of questions that was produced by his/her brain, and he/she should be able to answer teacher’s questions. I had a really hard time doing this. But I still believe that I can be a good student if I work hard enough. Although sometimes I think about give up, I still try to keep working on my academic. And I believe that I can be the best student if I work hard.
Although I want to be an excellent student, there are lots of challenge that make me really upset. During the class time, I always feel that I am really busy, I try to take notes as quickly as I can, and I also try to hear that my professor talked. I feel bad that I always loss my professors’ steps. Some class like English and Society I feel easy to understand and I also can keep thinking, but some class like Economics and Accounting, I also lost my think and feel tried to understand this class. I think I have this situation, maybe because I am a Chinese student and English is not my first language. I…

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