how can HRM assist in creating a ‘learning organisation’ and what barriers might it face in doing so?

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Question 2) how can HRM assist in creating a ‘learning organisation’ and what barriers might it face in doing so?


Both Human Resources Management (HRM) and learning organisation (LO) take an important role in improving organisational performance and help to achieve sustainable development in the changing economic environment. Nowadays many organizations focus on Human Resources Management because it is the management skill in developing the organization to be higher competitive. On the other hands, HRM assists organisation develops better strategic plans and become “leaning organisation”. It increases the competitiveness and adapt to the fast growing economy.
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Also, being a learning organization has the knowledge to maintain better link resource to the customer needs.
If the learning organisation is created successfully, the organization can maintain levels of innovation and remaining competitive. It improves quality of outputs at all levels.
According to Peter Senge (1990), learning organization is an organization, which has the ability to carry out adaptive learning and generative learning for a flexible development. It encourages learning among its people. It promotes exchange of information between employees hence creating a more knowledgeable workforce. This produces a very flexible organization where people will accept and adapt to new ideas and changes through a shared vision. According to Peter Senge, a learning organization exhibits five main characteristics: System thinking, Personal mastery, Mental models, a Shared Vision and Team Learning.
First, an organization must learn like people in order to develop itself and it can take the advantage when it faces competition in the long term. Then, another feature of LO might be different levels of organization such as individuals; group or team and organization must have their own characteristic. There should be a learning culture within the

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