Essay about How Can Hinduism Be Described As A Diverse Religion?

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1) How can Hinduism be described as a diverse religion?
Hinduism can be described as a diverse religion for multiple reasons. The first would be the ways in which practitioners of Hinduism worship multiple avatars, especially those of Vishnu, whose favored avatar appears to be Krishna. Second there are different views of Brahman, which all agreed as the Divine Spirit, but the three views discussed in the video, on the trails of world religions Hinduism, are: 1. The universe and Brahman are one in the same. 2. Due to the flaws in the universe, Brahman must be separate. 3.Brahman and the Universe are one are one in the same in their distinction.
Furthering the diversity of Hinduism is the worship of multiple devas, or lesser gods. This is similar to the Catholic worship of saints, whereas all worship leads to the exultation of the Supreme Being or spirit. Additionally, the different forms of worship lend credence to Hinduism 's diversity. As Krishna states in the Gita, all worship leads to the same end, and these forms being defined as yogas. One can worship with selfless action, Karma Yoga, they can worship with the pursuit of divine knowledge, jrama yoga, or they can be a devotional worship burn through bhakti yoga. There are other unique forms of worship that have evolved over time to include many rituals and customs.
Another element of diversity is the interpretation of cast as established by Varna in the Rig Veda. He 's gasping Brahmin, Kshatriyas, Vaishya, Shudras, or…

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