How Can Healthcare Provided By The Government Benefit All People?

1364 Words Nov 28th, 2015 null Page
How can healthcare provided by the government benefit all people? Over the year’s healthcare has gone up a significant amount. People can not afford to pay for it so many do not have it. Lots of people have become extremely sick and stayed unable to get treated because they did not have healthcare or capable to pay for hospital expenses. The government should take responsibility for the people and take care of healthcare. Recently the president, Barrack Obama came up with an affordable healthcare insurance called Obamacare. Medical expenses should not be a reason for people to not stay healthy. Healthcare should be provided by the government because it can make people become healthier, save money and more life’s can be saved. Healthcare can make many people become healthier by given free access to medical assistance. First, due to high medical cost, many Americans avoid a visit to the doctors and rather to stay ill. For example, “There were 11.4 million uninsured working-age Americans with chronic conditions” ( Furthermore, chronic conditions are important issues a lot of Americans can have if healthcare can not be provided by the government. Second, free healthcare is something that should be offered by the government. As an illustration, many Americans refuse to spend money on healthcare because of how high the rates are ( In fact, high healthcare prices are affecting the way people decide if they should be…

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