How Can Daesh Be Defeated?

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In 2014 a group of Jihadist militants announced a worldwide caliphate. These Sunni Islamic fundamentalists goal was to create an Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Originally they were referred to as ISIL but the name currently adopted by the organisation is ISIS. However many of the governments of the western world have taken to referring to ISIS as Daesh as an attempt to degrade and undermine them. This essay will attempt to follow this trend, but will use the two names interchangeably. Since their announcement, Daesh have grown more powerful. Holding vast areas of territory in both Syria and Iraq, as well as many provinces in other Middle Eastern and North African countries. Due to a successful social media campaign and there religious rhetoric, foreign fighters have swelled there ranks. They have successfully created an environment of fear by projecting there power overseas through terrorist attacks. They have also generated large revenue streams through Illegal activities and extorted taxes from their territories. There is a coalition of states led by the US to counter the threat that Daesh poses to the world. The current coalition’s strategy against Daesh has five main points. Firstly providing military support to their partners. Secondly impeding the flow of foreign fighters. Thirdly stopping Daesh’s financing and funding. They also seek to address …show more content…
Before we suggest and implement new strategies to counter Daesh we need to ask ourselves if they can be defeated. It is certainly possible to militarily defeat them thus disbanding the Caliphate. However, “Even if it is defeated in Syria and Iraq, most of its fighters will go on to other countries or remain a threat. Even if ISIS fades as a name, other extremism movements will take its place.” This has happened time and time again with the Taliban, Al Qaeda and now ISIS/Daesh. The crux of the matter is that they follow an idea and you can’t kill an idea.
Winning the people’s hearts and

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