Vincent Van Gogh's Criticism Of Art

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The criticism of are based on the artists personal opinions There have been various ways to judge and criticize art throughout history, from the point of view of the painting and the voice of a story to the synchronization of the instruments of a song but never by the personal views of the artist themselves. The practice of art criticism is a practice that is meant to be unbiased to every form of art; they should be able to see a work of art they consider good based on the painting itself not where it came from and who created it. It does not matter the political view of the artist they are the creator of a piece of art the thing being judged is the art not the artist.
When judging art there are various things to take into consideration, they
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Vincent van Gogh was an epileptic, a drunk, depressed and suffered from schizophrenia but his art work is still beautiful and elegant. When the image of Van Gogh shows most people see the paintings not the man this is how are should be shown the art not the artist other artist like Michelangelo, Picasso, Pollock, Georgia O’Keeffe. All this artist suffered from a type of depression, obsession and anger management, but there work is seen as the best and most recognizable artist and this is a beautiful thing that there legacy lives on untainted and …show more content…
The New York Times made an article asking the question “can bad people make good art” by Charles McGrath and it explains how many artist where considered mentally ill or just crazy and horrible people. There are different forms of viewing the words bad and good in the case of a person a bad person is someone who would do something that at the time is considered morally wrong, but in art bad is seen as the painting is bad its meaning its art style its structure is bad the painting can’t do something morally wrong, I can display something wrong like murder but it is still just an object that cannot think it can only display but the art form of what is displayed is judged judging a creator by his creation is just as wrong as judging the creation by the

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