Christian Apologetics Analysis

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Hey Wesley! I am sincerly inspired by your passion to seek and defend the truth regarding this matter. As you said, the Bible certainly cannot contradict itself; if it did, how could it remain the Word of God? You 've put a lot of effort into this. Like you, I feel that this is an important issue. I 'd like to share some of my opinions with both you and the rest of the class in response to both of your posts in this thread. (This may turn out to be a rather lengthy post, so I apologize in advance for crowding your post Amanda! I really enjoyed your post by the way!) I personally am not convinced either way, though I lean towards the belief that one can in fact lose their salvation. My goal in writing this post is to throw out some alternate …show more content…
We all have the power to choose our own way, or choose God 's way. God does not force us to love Him, or obey Him. Basically, God wants our obedience to come from something more than just obligation. God wants our obedience to be of our own accord, and thus truly meaningful. He doesn 't force us to do anything. Why? Because He loves us. He loved us enough in the beggining to allow us to do what we wanted, instead of forcing His …show more content…
If a Christian cannot walk away from salvation, how does this not eliminate an individuals right of free will? Free will exists for a purpose. For us to "choose who we will serve", if you will. If we say that a Christian cannot decide to leave salvation, then the negation of free will must come with it. That, in turn, could negate the love of God. Could it not be said, then, that,
"The inability to walk away from salvation indicates a less loving God than does the ability to do just the same"?
Claiming that a believer is "unable" to walk away from their faith is also claiming that God is less God, in my opinion. There is another option on the table, though, for the once saved always saved theology. I 'll get to that one a little later on.
2. John 6:39
Wesley, I agree with most of what you said here. I definately believe that this verse indicates that Christ will never ever lose those that His father sends Him. Again, though, I think that this verse speaks mostly to the character of the Christ. When I look at this verse in context, I don 't see evidence that "those who do fall away were not among those given to

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