How Can A Person Define Love? Essay

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Three Sides of Love How can a person define love? Who determines who you love? These are all questions that I asked myself when I interviewed a friend who is in a different kind of relationship, a polyamory relationship. Now you ask yourself what is a polyamory relationship? Well it is defined as the ability of having more than one sexual loving relationship at the same time, with the full knowledge and consent of all partners involved. Now I know to the outside world this type of relationship is controversial, but for my friend it seems to work for her. You may think looking in from the outside that this type of relationship is not acceptable or the norm. Then again who is to judge someone on who they love!
I’ve always been open-minded person as far as someone’s sexual relationships/orientation were concerned. So I asked my friend how did this relationship come about, she explains that she had been sleeping with this couple for a months, when one day the couple started to fight. She told them it was bothering her, and it really wasn’t her business how they treated each other, since, you know, it was their relationship. That’s when they looked at each other and asked her, “Well, aren’t you kind of… with us?” She thought about this then said, “Be nice to my girlfriend then.” And just like that, they became a triangle.
It was easy and natural. They had such a good time together! There was twice the energy then a normal relationship. They all had a lot going on, but when…

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