How Can A Parent Put Their Kids Through Something Like This? Essay

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The question is, how can a parent put their kids through something like this? Well the fact is, when a person is addicted to something they are not able to control the drug abuse even though it causes harm to them and others, physically, environmentally and mentally. For example, even the people who have it all cannot control their addiction. Chris Herren, the NBA player, had it all. A great family, friends, he was blessed with the great gift of being a great basketball player. But yet, even drugs took over his life. He almost lost everything because of it. This goes to show that anybody and anyone can be an addict. Chris like most started drugs because of a social situation. He said that his partying mainly started with just alcohol and marijuana but one day he went to a friend’s room and tried cocaine for the first time. Like most he said “I am only going to try it once and only once” but as usual one time turned into another and so on. After that Chris ended up doing coke from age 18-32. It took him about 14 years to get clean. While he was addicted to drugs he shot up heroin before his mothers funereal and left his newborn baby in the hospital so he could get drunk. This goes to show that when a person is addicted to something, that is the most important thing in their life, no matter what. Until the addict chooses to take control of it and go to rehab, the addiction will continue to control them and their actions. Chris has been drug free since august 1st, 2008, his…

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