How Can A Business Improve Its Customer Service? Essay

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How Can A Business Improve Its Customer Service?
According to Wong in his Forbes article, he states “I see customer service as the single most important, yet immeasurable priority that it vital to master before reaching scale” (Why Startups”). Wong also mentions how happy customers are directly relates to the feedback about a business’s products or services. Investing in improving customer service, not only could accelerate the business’s earnings, but help employees do their job better. On SurveyMonkey, a survey was conducted on what components should happen to improve customer service within a business (“Six Keys”). Below are five of the six key components the survey provided broken down into more detail.
Strengthen Skills
Most businesses hire based on talent, but companies must also help employees develop their innate talents to perform with strength. Employees need the drive to discover their strongest talents and learn how to use them to achieve their full potential within the business. Gallup created the Clifton StrengthsFinder, an online assessment of personal talents that exposes individuals’ areas of potential for developing strengths, to help people identify what they do best. According to Gallup’s research, people who understand and use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged in their job and customers (“Strengths-Based Culture”).
ServiceMaster Restoration compiled a list of certain skills employees use to enhance their customer service.…

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