How California Master Plan For Higher Education Essay

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Things that Prepare Me to Be a Better Me
From the time that the major features of California Master Plan for higher education was adopted in 1960, the community college transfer function has been an indispensable part of UC and CSU systems (UC Office of the President, 2007). Almost all of the transfer students have a difficult time to deal with the unfamiliar environment. Even though in many ways the receiving institution helps transfer students address their difficulties, anxieties about the ability to adapt to a different environment have accompanied each transfer student. Laanan (2002) have written that students who transfer from the community colleges to the four-year institution confront new psychological, academic, and environmental challenges. Facing barriers such as academic policies and campus climate, transfer students should actively recognize the differences, identify their new roles, and become a better person. As for me, although my first quarter of study life as a transfer student at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) was filled with defeat, anxiety, and bitterness, it helped me learn more about myself and become a better me psychologically, academically, and professionally.
A transfer student has to figure out a way to get to know his/her new campus life, which is an essential part of college experience. Psychologically speaking, those who are familiar with surroundings have a sense of belonging (Fematt). Many new transfer students may feel…

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