How Business 's Impact On The Environment And Society Essay

1375 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Profit is one of the most important issues which businesses use strategies, marketing as well as do whatever way to maximize. From the view of economics, it is true to apply these economic principles to business. However, running business must think about the moral- how business’s impact on surrounding aspects like: environment, human being, creatures. Nowadays, businesses have plenty of opportunities to get more benefits. Besides, businesses make our life better and help economy significantly develop; they also face some troubles which have great adverse effects on environment and society. The purpose of this essay is to point out the responsibilities of business to the environment and society.
Regarding to the issues of environment and community, there are many factors that lead to the bad effects of businesses. Firms affect directly or indirectly those issues. Businesses have obligations to protect the habitat and human being life. The first concern is the environment in danger. Although many companies have signed for the agreements of suppliers’ behavior, it’s not clear how much they can control their business’s impact on environment. Pollution, resources are the most difficult mathematics that businesses are facing. Obviously, air, land and water in seriously are ranked the most polluted relatively to human life. During production many companies eliminated to the land amount of chemical, waste which is extremely poisonous. Moreover, using pesticide and fertilizers in…

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