How Bullying Can Be Addressed Essay

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Discuss How Bullying Can Be Addressed In Schools
Bullying is understood as the activity of aggressive or antisocial behaviour intended to physically or emotionally hurt another individual repeatedly (Olweus, 1999). Developmental psychologists have interpreted the intention of peer aggression as a means of gaining power over another individual (Berger, 2014). The reason for gaining power through bullying is the movement up rankings of a particular hierarchy that the individual bully may be present in (Fuller, 2003 ; Gardner, 1961). In addition, the bully domineers and gains power over another individual because there may be differences in personal factors such as race, religion, sexual orientation, personality and reputation (Ericson, 2001) known as bias bullying. This type of antisocial behaviour also occurs at a group level, defined as mobbing (Davenport, 1999). Whether one-on-one bullying or mobbing, the victims of such behaviours are left often depressed, alone, and with extremely low self-esteems. Nevertheless, many other problems such as eating disorders and increased aggression in a victim can stem out as a bully oppressing an individual. Usually, victims of bullying are defenseless and it is therefore important for a third party to intervene and help the victim. In the past most interventions took place in schools or educational institutions rather than businesses or workplaces (Olweus, 2003). This document discusses the different methods of addressing bullying in…

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