How Browning Has A Tough Decision Essay

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As described above, Peter Browning has a tough decision to make in order to save this company. One way in which Browning could start would be to get on board with those in executive leadership of the company such as Mr. White and Mr. Lawson. He Could bring them in to speak to everyone in the company as a whole. From the first-line employees all the way up to department managers. Mr. White and Lawson should address and stress the importance of the goal that they have for the company and motivate everyone to work toward the reaching of that goal. This would hopefully alert everyone and because most of them have a good relationship with Mr. White and respect him, they would consider his words. This action would also put everyone on the same page so that they won’t be surprised by any action that Browning might be taking in near future. It would also be helpful for Browning to drive the company in becoming a more wide span flat organization as well as to become more decentralized so that managers take responsibility and become motivated to change the company.
Furthermore, the speech would persuade everyone to work diligently. By taking this action, Browning is not only admiring the tradition of the company, but he is also respecting his co-workers and employees in the company. This action is cultivating the virtue of courage and at the same time instilling hope in every employees. It is also reassuring them that the company does care about them, and want all of them to work…

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