How Boys Become Men Essay

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It’s a Guy Thing

“Friend stopped, stood still, and braed himself.. see I’m no chicken” (Katz 221). Male maturation is a very complex sophisticated process. In “How Boys Become Men” Jon Katz takes on the challenge and head ache of analyzing this process. He explains how learning one of the central ethics of the gender is experiencing pain rather than showing fear and emotion. We do so by taken on challenges because we feel obligated to in front of our friends in order to not look cowardly. How we demonstrate machismo and lack commitment, how we do whatever we can to fit into the society around us and are willing to do anything just to resemble coolness and absolutely no tolerability of getting pushed around. It called Guy Code, a set of
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The way you want to be viewed in others eyes as a man and be cool. This is also a huge problem for most males though and can often deter ate a relationship, friendship, or social life over time. Emotions are what men are told to hold in at a young age. Don’t express fear, don’t express sadness, don’t cry, be tough, be brave, be a man! When Junior approached Rowdy and told him that he was going to Reardan, Rowdy told him to shut up and laughed it off not wanting to believe his ears. As Junior kept on persisting “Rowdy’s eyes narrowed the way they do before he beats the crap out of someone” (Alexie, 49) and Rowdy did the only thing he knew what to do. He faced the problem the only way he knew how to and that was violence. The same way he had gotten treated by his old man. He clocked Junior in the face and ran away. Rowdy didn’t know how to express his feelings or show compassion for Juniors decision because he had never received that in his life.

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