How Body Cameras Are Too Much? Essay

1004 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Many argue that the program costs too much, it’s wasting our tax money, it’s not well supervised and it’s invading the public 's privacy. Also, multiple sheriffs are trying to argue that their police department doesn’t have enough financial stability to spend on body cameras. Another factor is not just buying body cameras for each police department, but storing each video footage is one of the big problems for camera manufacturers (Kaste, 2015). Out of 18,000 only 7,000 sheriff agencies adopted of wearing body cameras. For Sheriff Ricky Adam of Hancock County, “We haven’t been able to buy a new patrol car going on four years,” Adam says. “I don’t know how I possibly have the money to spend on cameras.” (Janet, 2015). Each state doesn’t have the same financial background, hence the national government will have to research into more of these so each department will not have to cut off some of their necessities. Body cameras are somewhat very costly in each state, but in can be very useful for lawsuits for police officers or civilians of being wrongly accused, with the body camera it’s going to be more convenient for everybody to prosecute the right person and without going through costly lawsuits. Milwaukee police department clearly assured their citizens that body cameras are now going to be more common in Milwaukee officers, but they will also have to balance the privacy in each event that they are going encounter such as no recording for any private family crisis but at…

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