How Body Art Has Changed Society Essay

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Body art has been around for centuries. It has been a way to express ourselves, express our affection, or to express our social status. Whether it was permanent or temporary it has been a part of our society and has affected how society views people. The ancient Egyptians really brought tattooing to life and it has been ever blooming since then. Originally, tattoos were believed to have begun some time around 2000 B.C. In 1991, however, scientist discovered a mummy that they dated to be around 5,200 years old. The mummy had small tattoos scattered around its body. This meant that the earliest tattoos were now from 3350 B.C. to 3100 B.C. (The Incredible Age of the Find). This mummy became known as Iceman. Iceman was discovered near the Italian-Austrian border. After being carbon dated to around 5,200 years old, his tattoos were examined. He had small crosses and dots on his lower spine, right knee, and ankles. Scientists examined these areas and noticed that there was degeneration. This led scientists to believe that tattoos could have been used to relieve pain (Lineberry 1). Tattoos still do not have a definitive answer as to where they began. Some scientists argue that they were introduced to Egyptian culture through Nubian influence. The Polynesian reintroduced tattooing to the west so it is most commonly associated with the Polynesian in the west. Most scientists believe that tattooing arose separately in different cultures but for the most part Egypt is the best…

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