Essay on How Big Data Can Help Transform Financial Industry

1162 Words Dec 19th, 2016 5 Pages
Financial services include a spectrum of jobs in our workforces. Financial services include, but are not limited to; accountants, managers, insurance companies, banks, credit card services, currency exchanges services, and broker firms. The spectrum of fields is present in all geographic locations with their economy being developed. One might asked how important is data in the financial industry and the answer is clear. Data has become a need for everyday living. It is dependent upon the survival of our economic growth. Alternatively deposits are protected within the economy because the government, it has shaped corporate governance over all businesses. Within many regulations and standards firms are must comply with requirements. The pressure to follow such requirements with the government stimulated more jobs in the workforce.
The collection of data is a law and it has supplied a broad range of users within the United States. Manager’s essential job task is to analysis financial statements, and produce assessments of calculations. Management ratio analysis is considered often by a range of users. Key users creating equilibrium in the economy include firms and investors, as seen from figure 1. The flow in the economy is best illustrated in figure 2 illustrating the key recipients and the movement involving money from both individuals and firms. All in all, the movement in our economy is all possible…

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