Essay about How Beauty Standards Have Shaped Women 's Identity

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Our understanding of how beauty standards have shaped women 's identity have changed dramatically over the past sixty five years. Once used as a way to pamper ones self, it was later used as a way for society to control the actions of women and the way they portray themselves. I believe that this is a bi-product of the patriarchy. Black agrees that the control of women 's bodies by men is dangerous when she warns “The complicity of the woman in her femininity is inevitable, since she has inescapably grown up in a society based on a gendered hierarchy. She has acquired a gendered habits which guides her speech, her taste, her way of understanding and relating to the world, and her very sense of being” (Black 69). In other words, the actions of women are controlled by society and they risk loosing their identities. This not only applies to white women such as Margaret, Susan, and Jessica, but also women of color. Instead of being free to define what femininity means to them, women are influenced by other sources such as the media and other women in their communities to uphold to these expectations. According to Christie Launius and Holly Hassel, authors of Threshold Concepts in Women and Gender Studies, “reality television shows such as “The Bachelor” show not only just that the feminine beauty ideal is racialized and classed, but also reveal that there is a hierarchy of femininity, with the femininity of working-class women of all races being denigrated and…

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