How Be a First Aider by Using Drcab Techniques? Essay

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Title: How Be A First Aider By Using DRCAB Techniques?
Specific Purpose : To inform my audience on how be a first aider by using DRCAB techniques.
Central Idea: The DRCAB technique consists of checking for Danger, Response, Circulation, Airway and Breathing of the patient that being treated.
I. Attention grabber: A. Which is the most important in your life? 1. is it a car? or a lot of money? a big house? a great job! and What about your life? is it important? B. Let say, we ignore our life. Just imagine it, when someone you love are injured, what's your action? just looking them? or crying? or you can’t do anything to save them? C. Thousands of lives are lost every year because of lack of first aid
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1. Always be aware of potential dangers at an incident (e.g: traffic, fire, electricity) 2. Your first action in such an event is to ensure your own safety - don't put yourself in danger! 3. to others: don't allow bystanders to be exposed to danger! 4. to the casualty: remove the danger from the casualty, or the casualty from the danger! II. check RESPONSE A. Due Is the casualty conscious or unconscious? 1. If the casualty responds, then you will need to speak to the injured person in a loud calm voice, or shake the person gently by the shoulders to see if they respond to these actions. Verbal cues such as: i. “Hello2, Are you ok?” ii. "can you hear me?" iii. "open your eyes", or iv. "What is your name?". B. Casualty is Unconscious 1. If there is no response, and it is important to get help as quickly as possible. Ask someone nearby to call 999 for an ambulance III. check the Circulation A. A Blood circulation is essential for life. Blood is pumped around the body by the heart.
Many first aiders and medical professionals check if blood is circulating around the body by looking for a pulse.. B. One good place to check for a pulse is at the carotid artery in the neck. C. Check for carotid pulse by feeling for 5 to 10 seconds at side of victim's neck D. If no pulse is present then there is no circulation. IV. check Airway A. It is important for the

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