How Basketball Is A Sport Essay

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The Sport
Basketball is a sport that was brought into the world in 1819 by an extraordinary man named Dr.James Naismith. His legacy today is a global sensation that is followed by a whopping 450 million people. The sport has evolved in so many ways over the years and will continue throughout in the future. Despite the amount of individuals that are involved with it, there’s always that audience that doesn’t fully understand the actions that occur in the 48 minute time span of the game. In this essay, I simply wish to educate you on the basics and also inform you on how to actually play basketball. Although it may not seem like it, this competitive sport is somewhat like a recipe that requires certain components for success.
To play an official game of basketball, you’ll first need to acquire a basketball, nine other individuals who also want to participate, a referee, two coaches, a scoreboard, and an official basketball court. The basketball is specifically used to score points on the court. The points accumulate, get added up, and are then shown on the scoreboard along with the amount of time left in the game. The court consists of two elevated circular goals that are located at each end of the rectangular base and lines that have multiple meanings. Lines can either indicate how many points a rewarded for a made shot or mark the boundaries of being out of bounds. No more than ten people, not including the referee, are allowed on the play surface at once. These people are…

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