How Basketball Has Changed The Change Since The Beginning Of Its Creation

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While conducting research on the evolution of basketball , many sources which I used gave many viewpoints on how basketball has changed. These sources stated that basketball has made a dramatic change since the beginning of its creation. These sources argue that basketball will continue to evolve in efforts to benefit the sport , which in return will cement basketball’s legacy forever.

Basketball has undergone many changes since the beginning of its creation, from rules to the equipment. The changing of rules in basketball is seen as a step of evolution which basketball has taken. Out of bounds lines was one of many rules which have been altered since the sport’s establishment. According to Hoop Tactics, out-of-bounds lines were not established when basketball was first created. For an example, if the ball was to go outside the boundaries of the court , opponents would seize the moment and sacrifice their bodies in any way to get control of the ball. This lead to opponents getting into altercations among themselves. Pushing, shoving and elbowing were among some tactics which teams practice. Years later, in 1904, according to the NBA website, an outbound line was finally established as a rule. This meant that if the ball went outside the court boundaries, the team which did not touch the ball would be awarded possession of the ball. Out of bounds lines was not the only rule that affected the game, but offensive rules of basketball were affected too. Players were not allowed…

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