How Basketball Has Changed My Life Essay

1103 Words Oct 9th, 2016 5 Pages
Basketball is one of the hardest sports to learn, because it takes so many skill assets to master also basketball has changed my life in a major way to help me become a better man. As you may not no I’m a junior transfer from Baltimore Maryland that has traveled here to become a basketball player here at Loras College. Growing up where I’m from you have a few options as a kid either go to school, play sports, or hustle me I took the wrong path but was quickly humbled when I lost my older brother to gunfire. My mother told me it was time for a change and I had already started preparing myself to become a better man not a statistic I started off playing travel basketball for a rec league called Baltimore Elite when I was about 12 years old coaches always told me “come play”, “come to the gym”, asked my mother to bring me but I would never go, I was too busy wanting to be a knuckle head instead. The first day I went to the gym coaches were excited to have me even more so comforting me due to my loss so I felt the love immediately, few weeks go by I’m sticking with it going to practice getting better making friends surrounding myself with all positive vibes and people doing the right thing seemed like a life I could get used to. I stuck with it for a while going into high school I planned on making varsity all four years but that came to a halt when I couldn’t meet the grade requirement’s my 9th grade year when you play a sport in school you must pass 3 out of your 4 classes…

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