How Basketball Has Changed My Life Essay

999 Words Dec 11th, 2014 4 Pages
Basketball has had a great impact in my life. I got my first little tykes basketball rim on my first birthday. By four years old I was playing at the YMCA in Jacksonville with other kids from my hometown. It was a great way for me to make friends. Ever since then I have been playing basketball. Since we were from a small town, many kids played basketball. I played with the same group of kids from four years old through eighth grade year of junior high. We had a great connection and those kids are still my best friends. Then in high school basketball it became more serious and some of my friends decided not to play. There were four of us out of my class that stuck with basketball. In high school we co-op with Winchester for sports. By doing this, I made a lot of new friends. I knew most of the people already because we were only ten minutes away, but I wouldn’t have considered them my friends. Now I call them all my friends and I still talk to most of them today. It’s easy for me to talk to people from other towns too. I can go hang out in a different town and know most of the people because of basketball. I’m a shy person so I don’t like talking that much, but here at college I find it easy to talk to anyone about basketball. Besides playing, I also like to watch basketball. I like both college and professional basketball and I made friends here at college just by having the same interest as them. Basketball was more than just a way to make friends though. Maybe just because…

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