How Bad Health Can Affect Your Work Essay

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How Bad Health Can Affect Your Work

Every year, people make resolutions that they are going to work on living a healthy lifestyle. And yet, somehow by March, those health goals seem to get pushed to the side. There’s no need to beat yourself about it. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes, what’s needed is another form of motivation. What if you knew that bad health would ultimately affect your bottom line, i.e., your financial wellbeing? Studies show that healthy employees have increased work productivity. And everyone knows, that employees love a productive employee. Producing great work could ultimately lead to a better position with an increase in pay. So it’s crucial that you make good health a priority in your life. There are many ways that bad health can affect your work. Here are some key things to look out for.

Lack of Sleep Makes You Sloppy

Back in the day, you may have easily pulled all-nighters just before your college exams, and were able to pull through just fine. But science has shown, that going without sleep for significant hours at a time, has the same affect as someone whose blood alcohol level is at .1 to 02. Percent. This is more than the legal limit to drive. You’re likely not doing all-nighters anymore.

But with you continually get by with just four hours of sleep, it’s virtually like you are running on E. You’re gong to make bad decisions. You won’t be as alert. These bad decisions can result in financial consequences that could be…

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