How Australian Law Has Enhanced And Hindered The Progression Of Businesses Operating Within The Australian Business Environment

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The diverse range of legal regulations and policies of which govern the conduct of businesses within Australia can be considered as a crucial element in controlling the business environment. Laws that restrict businesses to certain boundaries are done so in order to promote fair competition and keep the business market competitive, whilst many laws act with regard to being beneficial for the sustainability of the environment. However, it can be argued that these legal regulations also bring increased costs and negative impacts within the business environment and can restrict the operating abilities of businesses. Areas where legislation is considered most controversial include the increased costs that come with abiding by legal regulation and the overly excessive interference of governments in the private sector. Nonetheless, this essay, through critical analysis will discuss how Australian law has enhanced or hindered the progression of businesses operating within the Australian business environment.

The essence of legislation in business is centred upon the notion of a fair, competitive market and the upholding of the rights of the consumer. The Australian Government, as well as state and territory governments, provides regulations that lay down the rights, duties and obligations owed by parties to a contract (Barron, 2015) in order to promote fair-trading and competition. Many of these laws, which are contained within the Competition and Consumer Act (2010), govern the…

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