How Art Has Changed Over Time Just As Most Things Have? Essay

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The traditional view of art has changed over time just as most things have. Naturally, the act of perception has differed opinions on what society considers as art. Dance, paintings, photography, drawings, music, literature, and sculpting, are what comes to mind when contemplating the aspects of art. The limitation to defining a word so opinionated leaves out room for self-expression. The traditional ideas of what is considered art should be broadened; granted, although not tangible, art can be seen through ambitions, emotions, and expression through appearances when not limited to the customary definition.

In the past, restrictions in artists’ potential may have occurred in fear of controversial topics. Based off of religion, drawings, paintings, and music was something that most agreed on. While artists that are praised today, are those that defied the norm then. Because of her defiance to standard belief, the public recognizes the painter, Frida Kahlo, a bisexual woman and feminist, as such. Many adored her paintings, but it was her nontraditional way of life that is remembered; thus –in a sense being art itself. Even without her paintings, Frida would be recognized as an advocate and a “work of art” due to her devotion to the counterculture. Because of her long-lasting impression, and many others like her, artists today continue to use their talent as a channel for initiative on their beliefs. When identified by someone with the same notions, due to the recognition of…

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