How Art Has Changed Our Lives Essay

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It is morning, and a man walks down a familiar street, one he walks down every day at around this time. The walls on either side of him are plastered in graffiti, and there 's the sound of a wailing guitar being played by a girl somewhere behind the door he passes. All around him is art, and not just art but original art at that. When someone thinks about art, they often think of paintings and sculptures. What they may not realize is that art is more than pictures hanging up on a wall and is more than the paintings that painter John Berger references in his essay "Ways of Seeing." Art is not one particular thing but is of many origins and form. Examples extend far beyond what the typical person may describe when asked to define art. Art has an impact on all of us and is present in all of our lives whether it be posters hanging on our walls or music playing in the background. However, in most of our lives the art we see and experience is merely a reproduction of an original, but without reproductions, many of us would not experience what we know as art. Originals are often out of reach, and thus reproductions were born to fill that gap. Reproductions of art provide opportunities and the chance to experience in some way the art that exists, yet they lack the full intensity of the experience and the value that comes with the original or first-hand experience.
A comparison between original artwork and reproduction is the music industry. Millions of reproductions are downloaded…

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