How Art Has Changed Change Essay

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Art has changed drastically from how it was viewed in the 1500s with detailed realist imagery for example and how it was viewed during the 1900s and this mainly due to the rise of modernity and the belief that ideologies behind a piece of art should surpass the need for aesthetic beauty and continue following the Academies traditions. In the past skill and aesthetic beauty were the only factors questioned in piece and the behind its creation meaning was rarely innovative but always overlooked. Artists focused on one medium and constricted themselves to general conventions like shading from realism. Although art is a term that defines creativity, these past works only showed us the skillful nature of art and neglected all its other forms of glory such as attempting new styles, methods, media and in essence truly capturing the creative nature that is art. That is the difference between constricting yourself to one media where all focus is lost trying to create a skill driven piece instead of the liberties from the freedom of choice that does not depend on skill to speak to its audience. Artists can produce better works when they unshackle themselves from the notion that a mastery level of aesthetics in one media is the best art can be because new media leads to new stylized methods of creating pieces, allows for artists to express various ideologies more precisely and produces a greater interaction between the audience and the piece.
Primarily, artist produce better pieces…

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