How Are Attitudes Developed and Fostered? Essay

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How are Attitudes Developed and Fostered?
Taza Potter
Western International University
Social Psychology—BEH 311
Jonas Cavileer, Instructor
August 12, 2009

How are Attitudes Developed and Cultivated?
Attitudes are defined as “evaluation of various aspects of the social world” (Baron, Branscombe, & Byrne, 2008). The real question is how are they developed and cultivated? In this paper we are going to look into the social aspect of how attitudes come about, persuasion how it affects attitudes, how aggression affects attitudes, how moods form attitudes and affect them. As the definition above explains attitudes are developed through various aspects from when we are first born till the day we exist no more.
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How many times have you gone to the store and your shopping for an outfit and the sales person comes up to you says, “Can I help you find something” and of course you answer yes. You then continue to pick out some outfits you try them on and you really like one but not sure about the other so you step out and ask the sales person for their opinion and they persuade you oh yes that outfit looks really good on you, it’s slimming, and makes you look sexy and of course you now want the outfit. This type of decision was made by another person who persuaded you to change your attitude towards that outfit from not really liking it to now really liking it. This is just one example of how our attitudes can be altered by simple persuasions. In the article “Affective and Cognitive Meta-bases of Attitudes: Unique Effects on Information Interest and Persuasion” the author Michelle (2007) explains “one prominent way in which persuasive messages can differ is whether they focus on a recipient’s emotions regarding some issue versus the recipient’s beliefs about the issue”. The four studies showed that meta-bases singly accessed that affective versus cognition information above and beyond structural bases and other related variables … meta-bases account for unique variance in attitude change as a function of whether the appeal elicits emotions or generates thoughts about attributes … finally … meta-bases are predictive of information interest

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