How Apple Transformed Me ! Story Of Beautiful Tools For Your Communication Aha

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How Apple Transformed Me! Story Of Beautiful Tools For Your Communication Aha

Has this happened to you before? Someone asks you an innocent, simple question and your first instinctive answer surprises you?

I have always had a fascination with the word beautiful for things that are beyond the reach of the eye - a beautiful rendition, a beautiful mind and many more. When a friend of mine asked me in half jest over coffee, “ Congrats on your 100 blog renditions on LinkedIn, what is the most beautiful tool that helped you express yourself better?”

My instinctive answer that raced through my thoughts – the keyboard of my MacBook Air. As I thought of it, it is not as bewildering as it initially sounds.

Thoughts got bottled up in my mind. I would never orchestrate them out at a pace that my hand could keep up. I often lost rhythm and bundled up thoughts refused to ooze out on paper - the way I dreamt them to. Many a times it was so labor intensive that the fun within creative streak was lost.

I have been a long time PC user. My siblings whose technology opinion I respect gently persuaded me to rethink on Mac. My wife surprised me with MacBook Air, a few birthdays ago. And my writing world changed.

You see, after our face, touch is our biggest sensory expression. The way my fingers touch the Mac keyboard and how they glide between the alphabets is magical. I do not know exactly how it is different from other keyboards. I wish I could explain like Dr. Jeffrey…

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