How Aon Is A Multinational Company Known For Its Risk Management Endeavors

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Aon is a multinational company known for its risk management endeavors, but is also involved in insurance and re-insurance brokerage, human resourcing, etc. People in Aon usually talk about six key areas of expertise like risk, talent, retirement, health, data & analytics and capital. The whole company is consistent of three business units Aon risk solutions, Aon Benfield, and Aon Hewitt. Company has over 500 offices in 120 countries around the world with more than 65,000 global colleagues. They got the current name on the internal competition where employees were trying to come up with the name that will represent their core values and also be easy to remember and recognize. Finally, someone came up with Aon, which in a Gaelic word for oneness. When one knows that Aon is the sponsor and partner of soccer team Manchester United all of a sudden it starts all to come together. Aon’s core values are all present in their public appearance, in their social endeavors, inside the company in everyday activities. For the purpose of writing this paper I met with Beth Gallagher, director of community involvement at Aon in order to talk about corporation and its corporate social responsibility (CSR) and what does it mean to the company. In the following pages I will try to give my personal opinion of CSR practices at Aon, my take from the conducted interview with Ms. Gallagher, as well as take a closer look at possible career paths inside the company. Corporate social responsibility is…

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