How Animals Used For Consumption Are Raised And Slaughtered Essay

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As consumers become more cautious about what they consume, they have also began to question how animals used for consumption are raised and slaughtered as this awareness grows there has been an influx of animal welfare issues. One of the most debated issues in the agricultural world, is the housing of sows. The goal of gestation housing for sows is to produce a healthy sow and piglet in a way that does not affect the welfare of either animal, and is also cost effect for the farmer. Most gestation sows are currently housed in individual stalls. Individual stalls are for a single sow, while group pens are for a number of sows. This has become an issue though as many animal activists proclaim that group housing should be used for the sows because this is the housing system that closely resembles the natural setting of the pig. Agricultural experts are standing behind individual stalls as best because they are operating on what science says is best. There are advantages and disadvantages to both systems, but with slight modifications the group pens could be better from an animal welfare prospective.
The most common type of housing used for gestating sows are individual stalls. This system of housing, which can be dated back to 1969, is used because of its many advantages (McGlone & Salak- Johnson). The individual stall protects the sows from one another in an effort to minimize aggressive behavior such as vulva biting. The pen is about 6.5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide (AVMA,…

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