How And Why Groups Form? Essay

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How and Why groups form? African Americans think that black teenage girls with natural hair were accused of “acting white.” Do you know what the word “acting white” means? In Acting White, Stuart Buck, an education researcher, assumes that “Indeed, I would defend the ’acting white’ criticism as entirely normal…it is behavior that arises from deeply rooted and commonplace desires that made sense throughout our history.”(641) Buck mentions the word, “acting white,” which means a desegregation word naming someone who acts like white people. He also studies another word, “homophily,” which explains why people from groups base on shared interest. Buck mentions that “Human being are usually tribal. We like to associate with people who are similar to ourselves," (641) Is the word “homophily” useful to understand how groups form? Since people are being in groups for their purpose and interest, the word “homophily” is a helpful way of understanding how groups form. Also, they compete to other groups for their own purpose. Buck knows that the “acting white” is controversial, because of desegregation. Some suburban whites think the urban black population in uneducable. Some black students might blame themselves as uneducated and poor. These thoughts cause problems where some people discourage black students who studied hard. In the Democratic National Convention in 2004, Barack Obama said, “children can’t achieve unless we raise their expectations and eradicate the slander that says…

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