How America Became Rick After Wwii Essay

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How America Became Rick After WWII
There are many beliefs on how America prospered after WWII that lead America out of the great depression. I plan on finding out the truths and myths to what really helped build America to become the world’s super power from the late 1930s to mid-1950s. Some major events that took place was the regrowth of the industrial age, equality in the work place, the rise of big government, and America becoming the world’s police force.
America became rich at the end of WWII. During the new industrial age boom, Americans showed desire to succeed and prosper. One of the great story’s is about the ball point pen. The year was 1944; American factories were producing planes at an astonishing rate and ideas were booming, a man named Milton Reynolds had designed his own ball point pen. Milton Reynolds rented an old tennis court, hired two employees and opened up for business. He used old bombing sight rollers with old surplus aluminum for the barrels to make the pens. Milton Reynolds beat Eversharp and Eberhard Faber to the market because on October 29, 1945 he had 10,000 pens ready for sale. His pens were presented at the windows of Gimbels in New York city where more than 5,000 shoppers stormed the store and bought all 10,000 pens at the price of $12.50 each. This story is a great showcase of how America was on the track of prospering greatly. Herman, Arthur (2012) states that a major cause for this growth was “entrepreneur-ship, innovation, cheap and…

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